A Desert Garden Grows

September 9th, 2009

Black Rock Desert, Northern Nevada - The question, What would grow on playa soil if anything could, was answered by a garden of carbon fiber flowers, dusty but glistening, simultaneously black and white by day, lit up in color and fire at night.  Flowers whispering in fire, twisty and mysterious, some human height, some towering above, larger than our walkaday life.

The brutal desert forces, wind and dust, made their best exertions to push down these delicate sprouts, but could not match their strength or grace.  When not an intense blustering whiteout, the blazing sun beat down on stem and bloom but were simply absorbed.  And from that energy soaked up came night music.  A blanket wash of sound, greeted desert comers of goggle, dread and blink.  The swatches of showcase color and flicks of flame echoed gradients across black fabric petals stiffened to a form.

Photos by: JasonUnbound

People were people, evolving humans, humane to themselves, to each other, finding respite from the jungle, a patch of peace.  Some were married in this place, some joked or at least smiled, some wanted to know how, some wanted to give gifts.  We got the biggest gift of all.  Thank you.

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